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    Archive for the ‘Pittsburgh’ Category


    University of Pittsburgh – Cathedral of Learning

       Posted by: kim pat   in Pittsburgh

    The second tallest educational building in the world, The Cathedral of Learning was built in 1936, and is still an integral part of The University of Pittsburgh. This is an evening shot taken in 1941.

    University of Pennsylvania cathedral of Learning


    Steel City Skyline

       Posted by: kim pat   in Pittsburgh

    A beautiful shot of the old Pittsburgh skyline, showing its rough history as a steel mill town. Looks a lot different now!

    Pittsburgh skyline


    Market Square – Downtown Pittsburgh

       Posted by: kim pat   in Pittsburgh

    Market Square has a lot going on these days, but it had slowed down considerably for awhile. This photo is of Market Square on Market Street just off of Forbes Avenue. You can see the old Dimling’s restaurant in the foreground next to an abandoned storefront, and the Chase Bank (formerly Farmer’s Bank) in the background. In the shadow of gorgeous Mount Washington, this is a beautiful photo capturing the early ruggedness of “The Square”, in downtown Pittsburgh.

    Market Square Pittsburgh


    Vintage Shot of Downtown Pittsburgh

       Posted by: kim pat   in Pittsburgh

    This is a beautiful vintage photo of downtown Pittsburgh – back when this city was a rusty, dusty steel mill town. It’s actually quite beautiful now, and this photo does a good job of showing it’s character.

    Downtown Pittsburgh